Who Is Wiel Coerver?

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Wiel Coerver is the founder and creator of the Coerver Coaching method, a soccer coaching philosophy.

Wiel Coerver is a former professional footballer for Feyenoord Rotterdam in the 1970s who created the Coerver Coaching method. His nickname was “the Albert Einstein of Football”. Wiel Coever believed soccer players don’t have to be born with talent but can learn the game through coaching and training. This is why he developed the Coerver Coaching philosophy.

In early 1980, Wiel Coerver wrote a book called, “Soccer Fundamentals for Players and Coaches”, which is the basis for the Coerver Coaching method.

Coerver’s club Feyenoord won the UEFA Europa League in 1974. The Coerver method has inspired and helped a number of famous professional footbalers, from Arjen Robben to Boudewijn Zenden.

The Coerver Coaching was based around Wiel Coerver watching videos of great soccer players like Pele, Beckenbauer, Cryuff, and Stanley Matthews. All soccer players who have exceptional touch on the soccer ball. Wiel Coerver believed soccer coaches could train young players to become great soccer players by focusing on individual skills on the ball.

This is why Coerver centers his training methods on ball mastery and daily footwork drills. To become a elite level soccer player you have to have perfect touch and control on the ball and this comes with practice and spending time with the ball.

Coerver believed that players could learn and be taught how to control and move the ball like Pele. While all players wouldn’t grow up to be as good as Pele, of course, they could become great players in their own right.

The one on one moves learned in the Coerver Method are now known to soccer players as “Coerver moves.” Examples of these are the scissors, double scissors, Rivelino move or step over, Matthews move, Puskas move or v-move, Maradona move or 360, Cruyff move, Scotch move, and Elastico. These moves are used to provide misdirection to get the defender leaning one direction, so that you can dribble past him.

The Coerver method is also based around a pyramid of player development.

BALL MASTERY – Exercises where each player works alone with a ball at repetitions using both feet.

RECEIVING & PASSING – Exercises to improve a player’s first touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage and teach accurate and creative passing.

MOVES (1 V 1) – Exercises and games that teach game – winning individual moves that can create space against the most packed of defenses.

SPEED – Exercises and games that improve acceleration, running with and without the ball and change of pace.

FINISHING – Exercises and games that teach technique and encourage instinctive play.

GROUP ATTACK – Exercises and games that improve small – group combination play with emphasis on fast break attack.

The Pyramid Approach combined with the Coerver Coaching philosophy of graduated pressure allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game.

Today, the Coerver Coaching method is a global football coaching program inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.

Highlights of the Coerver Coaching method since 1984:

  • 8 TV series in 8 languages
  • Videos, DVD’s and books in 12 languages
  • 1.5 million kids and coaches have attended Coerver Coaching camps/clinics
  • adidas partner for 20 years
  • New online coaching courses

Inspired by Wiel Coerver’s Philosophy, Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke founded what is now known around the world as Coerver Coaching. Learn more about Coerver Coaching.

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