Why Can’t Edson Cavani Score Anymore

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Why do some forwards just stop scoring goals? Does their confidence drop so much and the pressure get so great that they can’t even score when they’re right in front of goal? This is what’s happening to Edinson Cavani, the Uruguayan forward for Paris Saint-Germain who can’t score anymore…take a look.

It seemed to happen to Fernando Torres when he went from Liverpool to Chelsea. It seemed to happen to Chicharito for a while at Manchester United, then he left for Germany and scored goal after goal.

How does a coach/manager get their player out of this scoring drought? One why is for them to take a penalty kick…which hopefully they score. That’s a start. But I think you just have to shoot your way out of it. Keep shooting and keep going at goal. The goals will come again for the best of forwards.

For Cavani, his trouble scoring might have started in Copa America, playing for Uruguay. But it’s only gotten worse since he’s come back to play for PSG. And you’d think with Zlatan Ibrahimovic now playing at Manchester United, Cavani might feel a sense of freedom, although he could also feel more pressure to score.

Perhaps the coach of PSG should make Cavani which some highlight clips of him scoring goals, so he remembers want an amazing finisher and forward he used to be.

Cavani will score goals again, after all, he’s playing in France, which is a good league but not the best league in the world and PSG will play some teams that they will be easily and Cavani will get his goals and hattricks.

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