Why Fernando Torres Can’t Score

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Fernando Torres scored a ton of goals for Liverpool. Then, he left for Chelsea and the goal became a wall. Liverpool fans are a bit happy that the once lethal forward for Liverpool now can’t find the back of the net for their rivals.

He Who Betrays Will Always Walk Alone

There are quite a few folks over at Liverpool who are happy Torres can’t seem to find the back of the next, as in those in the picture below. And, who, perhaps, have also put a curse on him to boot.

And there might just be a few Chelsea fans who are starting to get very concerned, thinking the record breaking $82 million transfer fee for Torres’ goal scoring services will turn out to be a huge bust.

At this point, the big question for many though is this: did Chelsea really even need to sign Torres?

And now the pressure is starting to mount, as it’s been 10 games and Torres’ goal drought stands at 673 minutes. As to why Torres can’t score, here are a few possible reasons:

Drama. Torres is actually doing this on purpose to build drama. His agent suggested he do this so when he does start scoring he will become a savior again and worshipped by one and all.

Hair is too short. Ever since he cut his hair he hasn’t been able to score like he used to.

Vision. Torres just needs contacts. Yes, he can’t see very well at night and he’s been playing a number of night games of late with Chelsea.

Needs to just settle in. Sometime it takes a while to adjust to a new team. Torres will start scoring when he starts to understand and mesh with his new team.

It’s all Nicolas Anelka’s fault. The Frenchmen is just a bad influence on all players and teams. Torres has been rooming with Anelka on the road had the lazy style of play has infected Torres.

Confidence. This one is easy. For forwards, the ability to score is 90% in the players’ head. In other words, it’s all about confidence and right now Torres’ confidence is in a downward trend spiral.

The Curse. When you go for big money. When you switch teams in the same league, from Liverpool red to Chelsea blue, some say you are cursed. It’s ok to switch leagues, play in another country, but when you go to a rival team many say you are cursed for at least one season.

Drogba put a curse on his shoes. Drogba doesn’t like riding the bench and not starting. He wants Torres to fail and end up being sold. He has cursed him.

It’s Pedro’s fault. Torres struggled with injuries prior to the World Cup, and it only seemed to wreck his confidence further when Pedro didn’t pass to him when he was wide open and in the clear. If Pedro had passed to him then the sold cold curse would have been lifted and Torres would have been his old self again.

However, the flood gates could very well fly open if Torres just gets that first goal. At least that’s what everyone always says. One day it’s just not going to happen.

But what if he scored two or three goals at Old Trafford in the Champions League return leg. That’s what Chelsea fans are praying for.

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