Willian Elastico Soccer Move

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Willian Elastico Move
Chelsea and Brazilian soccer star Willian’s elastico move. This is how you do an elastico in an actual soccer game and not just in training. Check out Brazil’s Willian pull off an elastico versus Turkey – yeah, he makes the two defenders look quite silly. Willian stands on the soccer ball for a few seconds and then splits the two defenders with one quick move. He uses the inside of his foot to sort of whip the ball between the two defenders. Some call this move the flip-flap.

And the Brazilian midfielder doing the elastico move from the reverse angle. Yeah, looks even worse from this angle for the defenders. Willian is able to manipulate the ball so quickly. He’s amazing how fast he moves and splits the defenders with the ball.

Willian Amazing Elastico Versus Turkey

The Chelsea Masterclass is back. This time, learn to flip-flap like the master, Willian. Learn the elastico move from Willian.

Six Chelsea fans were put through their paces in a series of soccer skills challenges, with a little help from Willian (and some friends).

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