World Cup Appetizer

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With the World Cup on everybody’s mind are we forgetting about a great soccer match set to take place in less than two weeks – Arsenal versus Barcelona? I’m almost more of a fan of the Champions League than the World Cup.

Actually, that’s not true at all; you can’t dismiss anything about the World Cup. Countries clash against club team members, teams take shape over a few weeks and become a cohesive machine, one player emerges as the star of the tournament and leads his team to the finals. Who will that be? Players playing their last Cups, Zidane and France, can they compete with Brazil? I just hope we see some fast and exciting soccer, much in the style of Barca and Arsenal, quick short paces and lots of movement – blazing speed and the flair of Deco and Ronaldinho, Henry and Pires.

The Champions League final involves two amazing teams with the likes of Henry on one side and Ronaldinho on the other, a young Fabregas and then an equally young and thrilling Messi, will he be able to play?

In truth though again, the World Cup always involves interesting underlying battles, with its long history, what with empires clashing with third world countries, or players miraculously recovering from injury in time to shine, will Rooney play? There is nothing like it. Can’t wait. But as you make your final plans for the World Cup, going there or setting up your big screen HD TV, don’t forget about a game in Paris on Wed. May 17. It should be a great appetizer to the World Cup.

The 2006 Champions League Final pitted Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal against Frank Rijkaard’s Barcelona, with the Catalonian team coming through to win the title. It began with Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann being sent off in the first half. The early setback did not prevent Arsenal taking a 1-0 lead in the final, however. In the second half Barcelona made their advantage count and wore Arsenal down, striking twice in the second half to seal the win.


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