World Cup Hidden Gems

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Spain – Iniesta

Iniesta is unique young player whose darting and penetrating runs were like knives in the sides of opposing teams in the Spanish league where he plays for Barcelona. Hopefully we’ll see him on the pitch for Spain in this World Cup; he’s worth watching.

Japan – Nakamura

A talented playmaker; Zico gives high praise; played in Italy with Reggina and switched to Celtic. So tough tacking should not worry him.

Argentina – Messi

He’s not longer hidden to most but could be the star of the tournament and lead his country to the title. With such close control and pace he cuts the ball at sharp angles while he moving at speed.

Argentina – Heinze

Manchester United defender who amazingly has recovered from serious injury and his fight and hard work will be a key to Argentina’s defense – his energy seemingly contagious.

USA – Convey

Had a great season for Reading of England who were promoted to the Premier League. Has good speed and goes at players. Could add that extra something to the US team and put them at through the first round.

Brazil – Pernambucano Juninho

Juninho is a master at set pieces. He led Lion to another title. If he gets on the pitch, what with Brazil’s stacked team, he will score.

Holland – Robben

Not necessarily a hidden player either but sure to shine in this World Cup. He’s another player with great speed and exceptional dribbling skills.

Spain – Alonso

He helped lead Liverpool to the Champions League title last year. He’s a skilled passer with great vision. Does Spain have enough players this year to do some damage?

England – Shawn Wright Philips

He wasn’t included in the England squad but would have been one to watch. I’m just very surprise he wasn’t selected so I had to throw him in. It’s a shame he won’t be playing. Shouldn’t have left Man City but still should have been in the squad.

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