Wozniacki Likes Liverpool While Rory Likes United

The two young love birds, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory Mcilroy, might not be so lovey-dovey on October 15th when Manchester United play Liverpool at Anfield. It seems these two fated lovers might have a difference of upon about who should win the match. Wozniaki is a Liverpool, and specifically a Steven Gerrard fan while her boyfriend, Mcilroy, favors the red jerseys of Manchester United. Do we care all that much? Nah.

However, these two appear to be serious soccer (football) fans and the sport is not just a passing fancy. Wozniakci’s father and brother both played professional soccer and Mcilroy is a season ticket holder at The Theatre of Dreams. Oh yeah, Wozniacki also went out to a LA Galaxy practice and met David Beckham.

And Rory especially enjoys watching Manchester United beat Liverpool, at least that’s what he said in an interview with Manchester United’s website:

How often are you able you get to Old Trafford?
The first time was when I was about 14 or 15, and we beat Liverpool again. I’m a season-ticket holder now, so I’ve been to a few games this season, and we’ve never lost when I’ve been there. I love to get over as much as I can although one of my favourite memories watching United was away from Old Trafford, at Anfield in fact, when John O’Shea scored in injury time at the Kop end.

I’m guessing the two sitting together watching the match will become the next new reality show to hit the screens across the globe. Sort of a Jersey Shore meets Real House Wives of Beverly Hills meets Survivor meets Sixteen and Pregnant. Well, something like that. They could have their own reality show if they wanted. It’d be so bad it would be good. Isn’t that what they all are?

One things is for sure though: I don’t think I could stand seeing them at the stadium together holding hands with their respective team jerseys on.

As far as the pictures above, the Rory one is ridiculous while the Wozniacki one is cool. And that has nothing to do with the teams they support. Rory just looks ridiculous is all.