Yakima Reds

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The Yakima Reds are members of the United Soccer Leagues (USL)- Premier Development League. Player Development is the cornerstone of the USL’s vision of advancing soccer in every community across North America. Since its inception in 1986, USL has led the way in creating environments focused on player development, and the USL PDL serves this purpose. Designed to help prepare players for professional and international careers, the focus of the USL PDL is to provide top college and high school players with the opportunity to compete in a professionalized setting while maintaining their college eligibility. By providing these opportunities, the USL PDL has become the top destination for college players and elite youth players during the summer months.

The future of soccer lives in the Super Y-League, a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer, the league is designed for talented youth players destined for professional careers. The creation and success of the league has revolutionized the approach to youth player development in North America.

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