Best YouTube Soccer Videos

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What are the bet YouTube soccer videos? What are the most watched football / soccer videos on YouTube? Here’s a selection of some of the top soccer videos on Whether it’s the grace and skill of Thierry Henry, the pace and amazing talent of Ronaldinho, the swagger of Cantona, or the sublime ease with which Zindane plays the game of soccer, all these videos give you a glimpse into the electrifying skill that’s part of the beautiful game.

But perhaps one of the greatest goals and YouTube videos of the past few years is the Messi dribbling run when he was just 19 years old. It reminded you of Diego Maradona and showed you just what a bright future he had ahead of him for Barcelona:

Below are some of our favorite YouTube soccer videos of all-time.

The first though is this one from Nike Soccer: Celebrating 10 years since Ronaldinho broke the internet with the first YouTube film to reach 1 million views.

Ronaldinho – Nike Soccer Commercial – he hits the ball off the crossbar and back to himself.

Zidane – Champion League Final – possibly one of the biggest and best goals ever.  An incredible volley.

Ronaldinho – Before he joined Barcelona – amazing moves done at great speed.

Brazilian Players Playing Soccer In Airport – Nike Soccer Commercial – moves done to the beat of great music.

Eric Cantona – Marvel and drool at Cantona’s amazing goals and moves. No doubt a legend.  This is a long video too, check it out.

UEFA Champions League 1999 Final – Man Utd  The old Man U that would always fight back and somehow find a way to win.

The Best of George Best – The model for Cristiano Ronaldo and Wright Philips and Robben.

Maradona – His amazing goal in the World Cup in Mexico in 86 against England.

Zinedine Zidane is a Football Scientist  Compilation of moves, turns, spins, and goals.

Pavel Nedved’s Goals  Selection of highlights and goals scored by the great Czech master.

Thierry Henry Moves – A series of goals for his current team – Arsenal.  The man glides with the ball.


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