Zidane Heel Flick

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Perhaps the smoothest player to have play the game of soccer. It’s a shame he has retired from the game. But he still lives on with his moves and tricks. Here, in the video below, you’ll learn how to pull off the Zidane heel pass or flick. Actually, it’s more of a heel flick up and over the head of the defender…a sombrero.

Zidane lets the soccer ball bounce and then flicks the soccer ball over his head with his heel or the outside edge of his foot. The move catches the defenders by surprise and he’s able to get out of pressure. Take a look at the Zidane heel flick. Watch how he flicks the ball over his head off a corner kick when playing for the French national team, just incredible!

Here Zidane does it off a corner kick when playing for France.

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