Zlatan Ibrahimovic Versus Germany

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Of course it wasn’t only Zlatan Ibrahimovic versus Germany, although in some ways it might seem like that or Ibrahimovic might want to and think he can take on the entire German team himself. He is a confident striker to say the least and maybe the best in the world. I’m guessing no defender sleeps well the night before they face off against the Paris St Germain forward.

But no, it was Sweden versus Germany, and it was just Ibrahimovic getting the focus of the video below. Perhaps made famous by the Zidane movie, where the camera focuses on him throughout an entire match, in the video below we see nearly every touch Ibrahimovic makes in Swedan’s World Cup qualifying match versus Germany. Amazingly, Sweden was down 4-0 and came back to tie the game 4-4. Yes, Ibrahimovic gets the first goal to stir the comeback.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification UEFA Group C Matchday 4: Germany 4-4 Sweden (“Olympiastadion” Berlin, 16.10.2012).

See in the incredible comeback by Sweden and Ibrahimovic in the video below. Down 4 nil they fight back to tie the game. It’s too bad that Ibrahimovic never had a successful run with Sweden during the World Cup. To really be considered one of the greatest soccer players of all-time you have to make your mark in the World Cup.

Watch Sweden score four goals in the final half-hour in their World Cup qualifying match versus Germany. It’s not like a German soccer team to lose a game when they’re winning 4-0!

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