Zlatan Ibrahimovic Overhead Pass

Ibrahimovic overhead pass: Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t hesitate to do the unexpected, especially if he gets to use his black belt in taekwondo when he’s playing soccer. I’m sure he teammates get tired of it though, as he’s constantly kicking people in the head a training sessions – just to show how high he can get his leg up in the air.

However, in the video below, he finds some usefulness for his taekwondo. In a match versus Lazio, and when Ibrahimovic played for Inter Milan, he passes the ball with the outside of his foot down the line to a teammate – it is sort of a backwards karate kick. This is the kind of pass only someone with a martial arts background can do.

Take a look at the genius overhead pass down the line by Ibrahimovic when he played for Inter Milan. Why control the ball on my chest or something and then turn around and make an inside of the foot pass when I can surprise the defense with his karate kick like pass that only special players like me can do that are super flexible. Or Ibrahimovic might say something like that…

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