120 INSANE Nutmegs by Lionel Messi – The Nutmeg KING!

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120 Messi Nutmegs

120 Messi nutmegs. Just how many players has Messi nutmegged in his soccer career so far? Messi has scored 588 goals for his club and country, so it has to be higher than that number, right? Does Messi put the ball through someone’s legs in every game? If so, that would mean he’s nutmegged someone around times 700 times in his professional career, since he’s played at least that many games so far.

And then you might want to break it down to times Messi has nutmegged a player with a pass versus on the dribble. Either way, it’s clear that Messi is in fact the nutmeg king. 120 Messi nutmegs isn’t the end of it of course either. This number might just double by the time Messi’s extraordinary soccer career is over.

One of my favorite nutmegs in the excellent video below is Arturo Vidal at the 0:37 mark. Vidal is of course now a teammate of Messi at Barcelona. Don’t over commit and rush in when Messi has the ball at his feet, he’ll just make you look silly. Then there’s Thibaut Courtois who gets nutmegged three times by Messi: 12:22 , 12:27 , 12:50. Yes, Courtois is a goalkeeper.

120 INSANE Nutmegs by Lionel Messi

Notable soccer players nutmegged in this video with timestamps:

Fernandinho 0:30 , 6:37
Arturo Vidal 0:37
Marcelo 0:52
Mathieu Flamini 0:56
Fabio Canavarro 1:01
Sami Khedira 1:10
Laurent Koscielny 1:13
Andres Guardado 1:24
Claude Makelele 1:42
Michael Ballack 1:57
Ashley Cole 3:05
Joao Moutinho 3:54
Toni Kroos 4:23
Ricardo Carvalho 4:39
David Silva 5:04
Javier Pastore 5:20 , 11:02
Guti 5:48
James Milner 6:14
Antonio Valencia 6:47
Nemanja Vidic 6:40
Xabi Alonso 6:55
Simao 7:43
Filipe Luis 7:56 , 8:18
Dani Parejo 8:05
Phil Jones 10:20
Marc Albrighton 10:38
Fred 11:24
Koke 12:05
Courtois 12:22 , 12:27 , 12:50
Manuel Almunia 13:15
Arda Turan 14:20

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