Carlos Vela Scores a Messi Like Goal

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Carlos Vela Goal

Bob Bradley said that Vela should play like Messi. Well he has. Yes, it’s just the MLS but I think even Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be a little impressed by the goal. A little. What makes the goal though, beside all the Messi cuts and George Best like moves in the box, is the lovely dummy one two that starts off everything. It’s hard to watch at the end though seeing the San Jose defender try to do the splits to stop the goal.

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Some people thought it was absurd that Bradley said that Vela should be as good as Messi. Many laughed about it. I don’t think people are laughing so much anymore…now it’s about just how good Vela can be in the MLS and for Mexico in the years to come.

Bradley said this at the press conference after the game – from ESPN.

“To be clear on this, it’s 100 percent sure that Carlos isn’t playing this well because I told him to be like Messi,” Bradley said post-match. “If it was that easy, I’d tell them all [to be like Messi], or I’d tell some to be like Xavi to spread it out a little bit.”

Bradley said the comparison had been “blown out of proportion” but the point he was trying to stress appears to have reached the intended target.

“My point to Carlos was just that when you come to MLS you have to set the bar that high,” Bradley added. “I’ve heard him say it, when he was in La Liga and there was Cristiano [Ronaldo] and Messi and some other guys, it’s hard for him to think ‘I want to be the best guy in the league.’ But when he got here I wanted him to think: now is your chance [to be the best in the league].”

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