Adama Traore Plays Football Like Madden NFL!

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Adama Traore Madden like style of play: Who plays football, the game where you use your feet like the other football in the United States? Adama Traore. The strongest man in football / soccer, Adama Traore is who has the Madden like characteristics of a linebacker. Get out of his way. How much would I have to pay you to try to stand is Traore’s way or defend him? Traore nearly helped Wolves topple Liverpool just the other day. Klopp praised the way Traore played and his strength. By the way, how much can Traore bench press?

“[Traore] is unplayable in moments, it’s unbelievable,” Klopp said after the game. “What a player – it’s not only him but he’s so good.”

Traore is a unique player, a beast physically who formerly played in the skillful Barcelona system. It will be interesting to see if Wolves keep him next year or he moves on to a bigger club, who knows, maybe back to Barcelona. Just seeing Busquets standing next to Traore would be funny. Or, who knows, maybe Traore decides to try his luck at American football.

Here are some of Traore’s amazing dribbling runs that appear almost Madden NFL video game like. If FIFA video games created a soccer player like Adama Traore as part of the game you’d think it was silly and unrealistic for the game. Soccer doesn’t have players that are this big and skillful.

Adama Traore Plays Football Like Madden NFL!

There are now rumors that Barcelona are interested in signing Traore, who does play for the Spanish national team as well so it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. However, while Traore’s speed and strength and skill on the ball make him a sought after footballer, he hasn’t necessarily reached his potential or lived up to all the expectations. Perhaps he just has the right club, and maybe that is Barcelona.

The Catalan club are negotiating a loan deal with an option to purchase the 26-year-old for around €35 million.

Traore previously played for Barcelona before moving to Aston Villa in 2015, before a stint at Middlesbrough.

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