The Strongest Man in All of Soccer: Adama Traoré

It’s funny, Wolves’ Adama Traoré started his football / soccer in La Masia, with Barcelona’s youth soccer teams. Barcelona are of course known more for developing supremely skillful soccer players who are actually quite skinny, like Iniesta and Busquets.

Traoré on the other hand is not in the least skinny. In fact, you’d have to say he’s the strongest footballer in the world. His arms are the size of Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs. If you have to lineup against Adama Traoré I wouldn’t blame you if you walked off the pitch in fear. Who would want to try to man mark him on a corner kick?

Yes, Traore is the strongest man in all of world soccer / football.

In the game versus Manchester City Mendy made the mistake of trying to shield the ball away from Traoré and win a goal kick. Traoré easily pushed Mendy, who’s not slight or small in anyway, off the ball and passed the ball across the goal mouth to tie the game.

You’d have to say the Traore looks more like a boxer, a running back or a UFC fighter than a footballer. But he’s got the skills and ability on the soccer ball as well as the strength and muscle and I wouldn’t be surprised if a bigger soccer club comes calling for him – or maybe the Dallas Cowboys if they need a fullback.

Benjamin Mendy turns the ball over on the edge of his own area, and Adama Traore makes Manchester City pay, teeing up Raul Jimenez for a tap-in equalizer for Wolves. I’m sure shouts of get in the weight room were heard from Wolves fans towards Mendy.

Oh, and Traore can score goals too. When he’s charging at you with the ball it’s best to get out of his way. Adama Traore powers a sweet low strike in off the post to get Wolves within one goal of Manchester City.