Adu to Donovan to Dempsey

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You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Donovan passed played the soccer ball to Dempsey to get the goal. But you’d be surprised and maybe even shocked to hear Freddy Adu was the setup man. It was Adu’s marvelous through ball to Donovan that made the goal happen on the counter attack.

Yes, the Freddy Adu who was supposed to be the savior of American soccer about five years ago has made a big impact in the U.S. team’s Gold Cup match versus Panama. It was Adu’s clever control and turn and then perfect pass bending into Donovan’s feet that helped the United States beat Panama 1-0. Of course, the hesitation and the low driven ball by Donovan and sliding effort by Dempsey to score wasn’t too bad either. Take a look at the video of Dempsey’s goal.

Check out Dempsey jumping in on Freddy Adu’s post game interview. Yeah, that’s Dempsey yelling into the microphone. Clint Demspey video bombs Adu.

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