Puma Ad – African Nations Cup

Watch the new Puma soccer ad for the African Nations Cup. A soccer tournament that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. The player who play in the African nations Cup are key players for big clubs in Europe, yet it’s not shown across the world like it should be. Hopefully more people will get a chance to see the African Nations Cup this year.

A celebration of true football. For Africa. For Football. For the insane love of the game we possess that unites us beyond borders. Bringing Football back to its roots. Because love is football.

Here Puma talks about how they come up with the jerseys for the African Nations Cup:

These designs, as PUMA’s Head of Product line management Teamsport David Bremond tells ESPN, aim to bring authenticity and a sense of belonging to the African football fan, and they’re the result of painstaking research, collaboration and creative design.

“The main purpose was to create authentic and personalised stories for each federation,” Bremond began, “and we wanted to show the diversity of each of those countries and to make sure the fans are proud of wearing those kits.

“We want to give this sense of belonging to the people,” he continued. “We know that football is much more than a sport, it’s part of the culture of each of those countries.

“We wanted to make this authentic and to create bespoke stories and designs for the federations, and for the fans.”

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