What Does Alex Morgan Do On Game Days?

Alex Morgan takes you through what she does on a game day, from an early morning walk and Yoga, to breakfast and then some pre-game stretching and a warm up routine to prevent injuries. If there’s one women’s national team soccer star to get some game day tips from, it’s Morgan. She’s quickly becoming one of the best goal scorers in the world.

This pre-game routine was while she was playing for the Seattle Sounders women’s soccer team, who knows where she’ll end up playing now what with a new league potentially starting and then I’m sure tons of offers from teams in Europe – I always thoughts she’d end up playing in Europe maybe for a club like Paris Saint-Germain or Lyon.

A few things the video below doesn’t talk about are how Alex Morgan puts on her trademark pink headband and how she actually wear’s mascara while she plays soccer. “A girl always has her one thing, whether it’s lip balm or mascara or blush. Mine is just mascara,” Morgan told the LA Times. Also check out Alex Morgan’s workout routine.

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