Alex Morgan’s Home in Diamond Bar, California

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Alex Morgan Diamond Bar
The most famous soccer player to come out of Diamond Bar, California: Alex Morgan. While there are a bunch of cool, funny and interesting things in this MTV cribs like video of Alex Morgan’s childhood home in Diamond Bar, California, what stands out the most is how competitive she was as a young girl and how much she wanted to win.

It didn’t matter if she was competing against boys or girls, playing video games, tether ball, basketball, or soccer, she wanted to win. You’d have to say her competitive attitude along with her natural athletic ability both played a big part in helping her get to where she is today – one of the best women’s soccer players in the game.

Perhaps the luckiest guy in the video is the young gentleman who went to “Winter Formal” with Alex Morgan back in high school. However, Morgan doesn’t say anything about the lad, she just says she loved that dress she wore. Hey, at least his picture still up at her house!

Here’s Part II of Alex Morgan’s visit back home to Diamond Bar where she visits her high school and talks about how she tore her ACL her senior year but thinks the injury actually made her mentally stronger and reaffirmed her passion and love for the game.

New: Alex Morgan Shooting Drills and Alex Morgan’s workout routine.

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