Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath & Kelley O’Hara Wear Onesies

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If you look up the term “Onesieyou’ll see it means infant bodysuit. But the onesie has gained popularity of late for those well beyond their infant years. Most are wearing the onesie ironically, as a kind of silly joke, at least to begin with.

It’s been said that once you put the onesie on it’s tough to take off it’s so comfortable. For U.S. women’s national team players Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, and Kelley O’Hara, the onesie seems to be the outfit they like to wear around the house they share. There’s no shame or wanting to hide the fact they like their onesies. They’re all similes. I wonder if adidas or Nike will come out with a new onesie for soccer players. The onesies they are wearing have some kind of cat theme to them.

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