How to Wear a Pink Headband Like Alex Morgan

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Alex Morgan Pink Headband
Alex Morgan tells the story behind her famous pink headband and shows us how she makes it herself. What is Morgan’s pink headband made out of? Oh, just some pink pre-wrap….I’m guessing she has a large stock pile of the pink pre-wrap at her house.

Morgan started wearing the pink headband in college, and in part, wears the pink headband in honor of her boyfriend’s mom, who’s a breast cancer survivor.

How to Wear a Pink Headband Like Alex Morgan 

Here’s another video where Morgan gives a quick run down on how to put on the pink pre-wrap as a headband….

Soccer player Alex Morgan spends a lot of time on the road and in the
air traveling to soccer games and training. Morgan shares a few of her must-pack
essentials and gives us a tour of her Seattle apartment. The headband part starts at about the 1:50 mark in the video:

Alex Morgan partner’s with Nationwide:

Alex Morgan’s signature pink headband makes her fans pretty easy to spot. See how the nation is banding together to back Pro Soccer Player and Nationwide Member, Alex Morgan, in the extended cut. #BandTogether

You’d think by now Nike Soccer would have an Alex Morgan pink headband available.

New: Alex Morgan Shooting Drills and Alex Morgan’s workout routine.

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