Alex Morgan Shooting Drills

Alex Morgan has become the greatest women’s soccer player in the game today. Morgan had a rapid rise to success with the U.S. women’s national team but since then she’s matured and gone through ups and downs and overcome injuries to get back to the top of her game scoring goals. In other words, she’s better than she ever was.

In the past World Cup in France she was often kicked and hacked down while trying to hold up the ball, but she persevered and played a somewhat different role for her team.

Right now, Morgan plays with a lot more confidence around the box and has improved her ability to lay the ball off at the right time. Surely her time at Lyon helped boost her confidence and now playing for Orlando she’s scoring on a regular basis.

In this video below you’ll see 18 amazing finishes from Alex Morgan.

Quote from Alex Morgan: “I don’t run straight at a constant pace; soccer is always a change of pace and movement.”

And while Morgan is extremely fast, she also knows how to time her runs and angle her runs so she’s harder to cover and defend. She also usually charges forward with the ball, taking defenders on, rather than just cutting back away from the goal. Defenders hate it when you go right at them.

Here is the FULL version of the soccer training drill that Beast Mode Soccer Founder, David Copeland-Smith did with Alex Morgan.

One thing you notice with Alex Morgan too is how fit she is. She takes care of herself and eats right during the season as well as in the off-season. Being in good shape helps Morgan stay injury free and play at a high level for the entire year. Learn more about how Alex Morgan stays in shape and get here: the Alex Morgan workout.

Alex Morgan’s ability to finish by any means necessary makes her one of the most dangerous players in the game. Watch the United States striker fine-tune her craft while laced up in the new Nike Phantom soccer cleats.