The David Beckham Statue Prank

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Beckham Statue Prank

Have you seen it yet? The David Beckham statue prank. As the Los Angeles Galaxy prepare to honor legend David Beckham with a statue outside the stadium, James Corden and the soccer club assemble an intricate plan to prank David with, annoying fans, a half-hearted highlight reel and a statue that falls incredibly below the mark.

So many funny elements to this prank, from the actor saying Dave instead of David to the statue eventually being knocked over…one of the better pranks that’s been done in quite a while. 5,716,185 views of the Beckham prank so far. Corden has gotten his old friend quite good with this prank.

Who could ever forget Dave Beckham’s incredible career with Man City. What a legend.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”bF014EUJrSI” ]

What’s really funny though is there was actually an ugly statue/bust of Cristiano Ronaldo made! A year ago, Emanuel Santos’ Cristiano Ronaldo bust was unveiled. The world laughed at him. We challenged him to try again. He accepted.

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