Amandine Henry Long Range Strike

Not that Henry but this Henry scored the goal of the Champions League final. As in Amandine Henry not Thierry Henry. While the bending ball into the upper corner was incredible, it was the tackle itself, Henry winning the ball first, that was equally as incredible. The French international midfielder for Lyon with a goal for women’s soccer history.

Henry not only wins the soccer ball with a sliding inside of the foot tackle but has the presence of mind, or knew what she wanted to do right away, to win the ball and then push it out in front of her so she could strike the ball immediately. It’s as though she saw the chance before anyone else. Especially the Barcelona goalkeeper.

Henry saw that if she could win the ball she could take a shot on goal and score. And did so in spectacular fashion in the 6th minute from about thirty yards out.

The Amandine Henry goal set the stage for Lyon to win the Champions League final against Barcelona. Just a rare inside of the foot tackle to win the ball and a lovely bent ball into the corner. Clearly Henry was ready to play in this final and put her mark on the game.