Meikayla Moore’s Hat Trick of Own Goals

New Zealand’s Meikayla Moore scored three goals on her own keeper against the United States. At first, I didn’t quite believe it when I saw the stats. And then Moore was taken off at about the 39 minute mark. She was hugged by her coach and consoled by her teammates but I’m still wondering if she should have been take off. Did she want to come off? Let her redeem herself? Or at least wait until half time?

Of Moore’s three own goals the third was the worst or maybe the one she could have prevented. The first two, one tipped off her shoe from a cross and the second off of her head could be explained away as understandable, but the third, although difficult to prevent a hard low cross, she should have just cleared.

Meikayla Moore hat trick of own goals: (5′ OG, 6′ OG, 36′ OG). I’m not sure three own goals has ever happened in one game. Two of Moore’s came off her foot and then one off her head. Again though, the first two you can’t really blame her all that much. The third though, when she was surely crushed emotionally by the first two, was mainly her fault and she should have clearly the ball but reacted poorly.

Moore’s hat trick of own goals is best described as cruel. Jut for her to keep playing after the first two own goals is admirable. She could have asked to come off her even just struggled to keep it together on the soccer field. Here’s hoping she starts the next game and has a strong game – perhaps even able to score a goal for her team. Moore’s own goals hopefully won’t define her as a player and she’s have a big impact for overcoming those mistakes. The own goals came in a friendly match too, so hopefully that lessens the pain for her.