Ankle Breaker Soccer Skills

It’s one thing to beat a defender on the dribble, it’s another thing to make them fall down or nearly twist their ankle when they try to win the soccer ball. These are some of the best ankle breaker soccer skills of all time. Watch Ronaldinho, Kaka, Hazard, Di Maria, Neymar and Iniesta make defenders fall down as they try to stop them. These players are the true masters of ankle breaker soccer skills.

The trick to pull off an ankle breaker soccer skill is to make the defender think you’re going one way but then go the other. It’s also nice when you have a defender who is a little bit too excited in trying to take the ball from you – not showing you enough respect, not giving you enough space. It’s often when a defender dives in too early that they suffer an ankle breaker. Take a look at 20 ankle breaker soccer skills. As anyone ever actually broken an ankle when they’ve gotten beat on the dribble? You get the idea, but I’m sure there have been some actual twisted ankles…

The worst ankle breaker of all time? I’d say it’s number 5 in the video below. When Lionel Messi made Jerome Boateng fall down as he dribbled at him. It’s surprising that Boateng didn’t retire after this play. It’s also surprising that some players didn’t pull a muscle while getting beaten so badly on the dribble.

Watch the most epic ankle breaker soccer skills in football below. Who’s your favorite player who pulls off an ankle breaker soccer skill with such ease?

Here’s the Messi take down of Boateng in the Champions League match. If you think of an ankle breaking move in soccer this is probably the one most people recall to mind. Hopefully Boateng though has put it out of his mind!

What is your favorite ankle breaker soccer skills or move to beat a defender?