The Time Lionel Messi Embarrassed Boateng

Remember that time that Lionel Messi embarrassed Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng? The dribbling run by Messi was probably one of worst ankle breaker moves of all time? When Lionel Messi made Jerome Boateng fall down as he dribbled at him. Embarrassed might not be a strong enough word for what Messi did to Boateng. It’s surprising that Boateng didn’t retire after this play. At night, when Boateng is going to sleep, from time to time I’m guessing this play still haunts him.

Don’t feel bad though Boateng, when Messi has the soccer ball at his feet and he’s going at you it happens to the best of them. Messi made Boateng fall down as he cut past him. If only Messi couldn’t be forced to just use his right foot.

Once upon a time, Lionel Messi HUMILIATED Jerome Boateng in a Champions League match. And finally, German and Bayern Munich legend Jerome Boateng reacted to being dribbled by Lionel Messi. Jerome Boateng answered a Twitter user’s question about how he felt when Lionel Messi dribbled him.

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