Best Own Goals in Soccer

Best own goals of all-time: These own goals just happen to come from soccer players on two of the world’s best soccer clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Yes, even some of the best soccer players in the world score own goals. Yes, even some of the best defenders in the world make mistakes in big games. Self goals happen perhaps the most on corner, when the ball is whipped in at pace. And when defenders are running back facing their own goal and the ball is crossed in at pace.

The important thing is to bounce back from your mistakes and play that much harder. Watch players like Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Pique, and Jordi Alba score against themselves.

Some own goals have more meaning and importance than others, as in the Gonzalez own goal in the World Cup qualifier match: The Omar Gonzalez Own Goal. Here’s more on the poor attempt at clearing the ball by Gonzalez from WhatAHowler:

This lack of preparation by Gonzalez is what leads to the biggest mistake in this play. As the ball is whipped in, Gonzalez gets pressured by the T&T striker, Shahdon Winchester, which causes him to panic as the ball is sent in. This leads to Gonzalez being forced to speed up his mechanics, while under stress, which ultimately leads to a botched clearance that is sent toward his own goal instead of into the stands.

And sometimes a player will even score more than one or two own goals in one game: Meikayla Moore’s Hat Trick of Own Goals

Haven’t seen enough self goals? Here are 30 unexpected goals in world football. I’d have to say though that scoring on your own goalkeeper is always unexpected, right.

Someone comments about how players sometimes celebrate after a defender knocks the ball into their own net – this shouldn’t be the case, right. The other thing is mistakes happen. Even some of the best defenders in the world will find themselves in a bad position and score on their own goalkeeper.