Soccer Ball Control Drills

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Ball Control Drills

Top soccer players have to mastered the soccer ball. What does that mean? That means they can make the soccer ball do what they want it to do. Not vice versa, where they are chasing the ball or hoping it’s going to going in one direction and not the other. No, they can cut the ball this way or that way or turn or spin away from pressure. They can control the ball right where they want to, whether that’s past a defender or to the right or left.

In order to have those skills you’ll need to spend time with the ball, and here are some basic drills for all players trying to improve their touch on the ball. These are the types of drills that will eventually enable you to make the ball do what they want it to do.

In this video, Dwayne De Rosario demonstrates some soccer skills that will help players learn to control the ball. It is important for a ball handler to be light on his feet and keep his head up in order to effectively control the ball and maintain possession for the team.

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