Highlights: Barcelona Versus Xerez

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Highlights: Barcelona Versus Xerez

Jeffren opens the scoring for Barcelona. He at first slips when he tries to cut the ball back and play the ball back, but then cuts the ball back towards goal while he’s still on the ground and beats the defender to score. Scary how many good young players that Barcelona has in the ranks.

Henry then receives a brilliant pass from Ibrahimovic; all he had to do was tap the ball home. Henry offers the ball to Ibra after he scores, acknowledging that he did all the work. Xerez gets a goal back to make it 2-1 but Ibrahimovic finishes the game off as he walks home a Yaya Toure cross.

What stands out though, about this goal, is how Ibrahimovic gets infront of the defender as he sees Toure breaking down line, and slyly pushes away from the defender just enough so he’s free to score. This was a very clever move by the big Swede and what young forwards should do when they’re playing.

Messi sat this game out. I’m sure Xerez was very happy about that. Amazingly, as the announcer says at the begining of the video, Messi has only sat out 56 minutes for Barcelona during La Liga play this season.

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