Ballack Bad Karma

Ballack Bad Karma

From many a certain viewpoint, based on Ballack’s past history, you might just say Michael Ballack had this coming. Some could say the reckless tackle by Kevin-Prince Boateng that knocked him out of the World Cup was almost earned.

Of course, it’s sad that Ballack will miss out on the World Cup this summer, and at 33 probably his last chance to play in the tournament, but he’s doled out his fair share of reckless tackles himself.

Here’s the tackle that put Ballack out of the World Cup – a ligament tear in his ankle that will take eight weeks to heal.

Then look at this video below, when Chelsea was losing to Manchester City Ballack earned a red card when he maliciously flew into Carlos Tevez towards the end of the game. It was a crazy tackle that could end a career and not just a World Cup. Jump to the 6:50 mark in the video to see the tackle.


And here, in this video, Ballack decides to stomp on a Liverpool player’s leg. This too a tackle that could end a career.


And in the you couldn’t make this up or movie like story line, Boateng will fight for a place in Ghana’s national team squad this summer, who also happen to face Germany. Boateng has both German and Ghana citizenship, as his father is from Ghana and his mother is German. Boateng didn’t receive a call up to the German national team so he decided to play for Ghana.

And he could also play against his brother in the World Cup, Jerome Boateng, who could play for Germany.

It’s tough to feel too bad for Ballack when you take into consideration how much bad karma he’s being building up. It seems like all the bad fouls and tackles finally caught up with him.

This is probably what set of Kevin-Prince Boateng: Ballack slapping him across the face.

Update: Germany are on a tear in the 2010 World Cup, headed for the semifinals as they just knocked out Argentina. And many are saying this is because Michael Ballack is not playing. He’s certainly skilled and experienced, but he’s now much slower and would have actually made the German team worse. So German fans owe a big thanks to Kevin-Prince Boateng.