Fail: Mario Balotelli Trick Back Heel Shot Versus LA Galaxy

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Balotelli Failed Trick Shot

Balotelli’s failed trick shot: Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli thought he was offside, or at least that’s what he appears to be telling everyone after he tried to pull off a trick back heel shot when he was one versus one with the goalkeeper. David Silva slips the ball through to Balotelli and he decides it’s a good time to show everyone how amazing he is with a trick shot. Or how much he doesn’t really care all that much about this game.

The crowd in LA booed and his own teammates yelled at him. His manager, Roberto Mancini, didn’t believe him either, and proceeded to yank him from the game. On the bench, Balotelli, ranted and raved and threw a water bottle. Yeah, sometimes Balotelli just brings all the trouble upon himself. He’s clearer a good goal scorer, has a powerful shot and is strong and good in the air, but he seems to always find trouble on the soccer pitch.

Sort of reminds you have the failed back heel penalty kick. Both showboating ridiculousness. Take a look at Balotelli trying the trick shot back heel and then being subbed off by manager Mancini right away. Yet there is something about Balotelli doing this in a game that’s just part of his make up and what’s make him a unique player. Watch the Balotelli failed trick shot back heel.

Balotelli is in front of goal and, instead of slotting the ball in for a goal, he tries a circus shot that goes wide. Not impressed by his actions, Roberto Mancini takes him off for James Milner.

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