Barcelona Fan Throws Pig’s Head at Figo

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Figo Pig's Head

Where’s the pig’s head that was thrown at Luis Figo? It’s hard to see, what with all the other garbage and bottles that were thrown at Figo’s feet. BleacherReport captured the above image of the pig’s head thrown at Figo as he steps up to take the corner kick at the Camp Nou.

During the el Clasico match, on Figo’s return to the Camp Nou, after having left Barcelona and joined Real Madrid, the 100,000 Barcelona fans weren’t happy to see Figo on the field in their hated rivals shirt. Figo however steps up on the corner and nearly scores.

The fans were enraged though, and continued to pelt the field with whatever they could as Figo tried to take the corner from the other side of the field after the Barcelona keeper’s deflection.

It took Puyol pleading with the fans to stop the harassment and throwing off junk at Figo. The pig’s head incident and Luis Figo will live on in the history of Barcelona versus Real Madrid forever. I don’t even think true Barcelona fans even forgive Figo for leaving their club now.

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