Gareth Bale Transfer to Barcelona?

What soccer club will Gareth Bale transfer to? What if Gareth Bale signed with Barcelona? It won’t happen but I wish it would. Well, it could, you never know, world football is a crazy world. Bale has proved he can play and shine in La Liga, he’s just never really settled in at Madrid, although he’s said he like the Spanish lifestyle. Maybe he’d prefer Catalonia.

Gareth Bale transfer to Barcelona. Figo to Real Madrid in reverse. Bale could then show Zidane just how good he is. Nothing like some revenge to motivate a player. And Barcelona surely need some new blood in their system. While over in the English Premier League, there’s hope that Bale will return. Where to though, some say Newcastle or his old club Tottenham? The Gareth Bale transfer is the biggest talking point this summer in the EPL.

I don’t think Bale wants to go to a smaller club though and why a move to Barcelona isn’t inconceivable.

Plus, Barcelona need him. So speed and power and strength. Bale has all of that, as Barcelona know from the goal he scored at the Camp Nou for Real Madrid. What a threat it would be to have Bale in the Barcelona side, tons of tiki taka football  still of course, but then the option to send Bale on the run. He’d be a force on the wing that teams couldn’t leave alone, giving Messi even more time and space on the ball.

I think the Barcelona fans would love to see Bale in their side. Real Madrid fans are booing him these days and all he does is sit on the bench. It’s time for Bale to go. It’s time for Bale to go to a big club who wants him. Just think, Bale and Messi and Suarez upfront.

It’s not like Bale has been a failure at Real Madrid. Anything but that, scoring plenty of goals, big goals in fact. It’s a shame in many ways that once Cristiano Ronaldo left he didn’t get more of a chance.

Bale has played 251 times and scored 105 goals, saving his very best for the very biggest occasions: a towering header to decide the Champions League final against local rivals Atlético; an inhuman length-of-the-pitch run to see off Barcelona in the Spanish cup final; a dazzling 20-yard overhead kick to seal another Champions League against Liverpool. Real Madrid have made him, at one time or other, both the world’s most expensive footballer and its best paid one. Moments, medals, cold hard cash: by any orthodox measure his career in Madrid has been a vast triumph.

Would Bale want to go to Barcelona?

After money, it’s on to the man himself. It seems now Bale has no affinity for Los Blancos and wouldn’t feel any moral obligation to skip arch rival Barcelona or any remorse should he go there. But to pry him away from his current contract of roughly $30 million a year, a deal he appears happy to run down even if it means not playing, Barca would have to match or increase it.

What’s a safe bet? $40 million a year? $50 million? That’s still less than Messi, but a huge increase on his current salary and still making him as one of the top earners in the game worldwide.

How long? Three years, or to the end of 2022/23 season. That’s not a long time to commit to for the club. Moreover, it’s perfect timing for both.

He’s 30 now and come Qatar 2022, he’ll be 33, for what in all likelihood will be his last chance to fire Wales to a World Cup. Will he really be around for United 2026? Probably not. So he must strike now while the iron’s hot.

In 2016, Wales reached the semifinals of the Euros, their first ever European Championships, and only second international tournament ever. Now, they made it two consecutive Euros qualifications after beating Hungary Tuesday in Cardiff. Coming off the back of two consecutive Euros qualifications, and in his last chance to make it to a World Cup, Bale will do everything in his power to be healthy and available to play for an improving Wales.

And there hasn’t been a big controversial trade in world football for a while. Bale to Barca would liven things up. Of course there are also plenty of golf courses in Barcelona that are just as good as the ones in Madrid!