Barcelona Rondo Masterclass

Barcelona rondo. Of course one of the greatest rondos of all-time would involve Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets and Barcelona. I can’t quite make out who’s running around all incensed with rage as Messi calmly kills the ball with his deft touch. The two in the middle try to run harder and faster and win the soccer ball but that’s usually the opposite thing to do when stuck in a rondo. You suffer a great deal if you end up in the middle of a Barcelona keep away game.

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you or you’ll never touch the ball! And this rondo of possession his four versus two, usually it’s five versus two. The offensive player due get two touches though rather than the usually one in a regular rondo of five. Watch this Barcelona rondo masterclass. I think I counted thirty consecutive passes.

What is a rondo and what does it mean to Barcelona. More on the keep away game that really defines Barcelona football:

“The Barça method shows that it’s far safer to keep the ball on the ground and advance it boot to boot, man to man. And the root of the team’s world famous passing game is another expression that been internationalized over the years. It’s called the ‘rondo’.

Young players the world over are used to starting training sessions by gathering on the edge of the penalty area and pumping random shots at the goalkeeper. Somebody might thump in a few crosses for heading practice and as much time would be spend collecting stray balls from behind the goals than anything else. And when that was done, the team would run around the field a few times.

The ‘rondo’ is based on a very different philosophy, which is all about honing teamwork and passing skills. The players warm up by gathering in a circle and stringing passes together while a smaller number of players in the middle try to intercept the ball.

There are variations on the number of consecutive touches allowed, the space used, the ‘punishments’ and ‘rewards’ and so on, but a concept that was created at La Masia is now a regular component of training sessions in every corner of the globe.”

Every soccer team, from youth to pro plays rondos. It’s the basis of soccer / football. Quick short passes. What stands out though about the Barcelona rondo is how fast they play the ball and how much fun they have playing rondos.