Robin van Persie’s Advice to His Son

Robin van Persie’s gives his son some excellent advice: So, I’m sure we have all seen the Robin van Persie interview on social media. If you haven’t, then here it is in the video below. I’ve listened to it many times but now I’d like to challenge soccer parents. How can you create that Tiger, that Winner inside your kid…without just agreeing with him, without just bashing him, without just giving him the solution and rather allowing him to think and find it in him or herself to take control.

Robin Van Persie Teasing Kids with the Soccer Ball

This interview can be about the mentality of his son changing but it’s also highlighting the importance of how to teach as a parent, not just as a soccer coach. Robin Van Persie’s advice to his son is essentially don’t blame others or the coaches but take control yourself and see how you can improve and get better. Don’t have a bad attitude if you’re on the bench or don’t play as much as you like. See what you can do to get in the team and make an impact.

Winners Take Control: Robin van Persie’s advice to his son. It’s hard to be both a parent and a soccer coach or a mentor for you child.  Van Persie teaches his son how to take control of the situation he’s in as a young soccer player if he wants to become an elite level player.

Watch Robin van Persie advice to his son.

Here’s the full quote of Robin van Persie advice to his son from SportsJoe:

“He was a bit moody; disappointed. He was complaining about coaches etc. Then I said, ‘Shaqueel, you sound like a loser when you talk like that. You sound like you lost. You blaming him, blaming her, blaming this, blaming everything, but I don’t hear one single about yourself.

“‘Winners take control, they blame themselves and look where they can improve. This is what you should be thinking about. Ask yourself, are you a loser, or are you a winner?

“‘It doesn’t matter to me because I’m your dad. The only job I have, and your mum has, is to get you ready for life when you’re 20. You can make your mistakes, you can do whatever you want. I love you the same amount. It doesn’t matter to me whether you make it as a footballer or not. But you say that this is your passion, so you have to take control of your life and stop complaining’.”