Barcelona Versus Athletic Bilbao (1984): Insane Diego Maradona Brawl

Just an insane brawl during a match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao in 1984. One things clear however: Maradona was repeatedly kicked and elbowed and pushed off the ball by Athletic Bilbao defenders throughout the game. It’s no surprise that he reacted this way.

But the degree to which Maradona reacted, karate kicking other players and kneeing the keeper in the face. It was a brawl to say the least. A crazy fight. Insane. Never seen anything like that in the modern game of soccer. Eric Cantona’s karate kick has nothing on these kicks by Maradona.

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It’s surprising that Maradona wasn’t banned from football for this. On the other hand, Maradona was constantly kicked and pushed off the ball during the game. Back then, creative players like Maradona weren’t protected enough by the referees. Still, Maradona’s reaction surely warranted a long term ban. There were a few good times at Barcelona though, like this goal Maradona scored in El Clasico.

A link to this crazy game is available here.

Please note some of the clip is considered offensive due to the nature of the content.