Chipping the Keeper Ain’t Easy Unless You’re Carlos Vela

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Carlos Vela Chips Keeper

Did Carlos Vela just score the goal of the year in the first game of the MLS season? I think so. Chipping the goalkeeper ain’t so easy unless you’re playing for the city of Los Angeles and wearing black while playing for LAFC.

The LAFC forward Vela chips Inter Miami goalkeeper Luis Robles just perfectly. And it’s really not the goalkeeper’s fault or you can’t blame him too much. It’s all happening so fast and Vela just gets underneath the ball so well and so quickly it’s up and over the keeper before he knows it. I don’t even think Robles is off his line too much or anything, it’s just a sublime chip by Vela.

Watch Carlos Vela’s genius chip of the keeper in the video below.

During his time at Arsenal Vela was known to chip the keeper on occasion. Really, with all the soccer clubs he’s played for he’s pulled off an amazing chip. Vela is the chip master. He makes chipping the goalkeeper look easy but it’s not! I think many people don’t know or forget that Vela spent quite a bit of time playing in Europe. In fact, Vela scored 54 goals while playing for Real Sociedad in La Liga.

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