Barcelona – 60 Minutes

60 Minutes does a feature story on what is now known is one of the greatest teams of all time, Barcelona. The soccer team with the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, and Fabregas. All soccer players who developed their skills at the famed Barcelona youth soccer school, La Masia.

I was hoping they might interview Carlos Puyol a little bit, who’s fight and energy really has been the engine for Barcelona the past few years. Yes, their ability to keep the ball for nearly 70% of the match and score marvelous goals in a tiki taka style is a big part of it, but they still need the anchor in the back.

What makes Barcelona such a good — possibly the best — soccer team in the world? Probably its youth academy, which hones star soccer players from age 7. Watch the Barcelona 60 Minutes story in the video below.

Barcelona really has such a unique history. What with so many incredible players passing through their club and going on to play and coach for big teams across the world. Barcelona 60 Minutes story shows you even more what a special team they are. Certainly Pep Guardiola now has to go down in Barcelona’s history as one of the most influential along with Cruyff of course.

FC Barcelona full story on 60 Minutes. Bob Simon’s ’60 Minutes’ report on FC Barcelona which aired in the United States on Sunday evening is now available on the Club’s YouTube channel. The report, which can be viewed above, takes a look at Barça’s youth academy, four-time Ballon d’Or winner Leo Messi, and why FC Barcelona have become a dominant force in the world of football.

What’s interesting is how the Barcelona lockers have the names of those on past Barcelona teams who’ve used it. For instance, Pique’s locker has Maradona’s name on it. Glad 60 Minutes did this story.