Barcelona Champions of Europe

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Barcelona Champions of Europe

It was really a great game.  Full of drama do to the sending off of Lehman but that forced Arsenal to play with heart and energy.  They almost came through.  Henry did
have a chance to seal the game with a one on one, but missed.  Ronaldinho
was a bit off but still showed a few flashes of brilliance.  A great pass
to Etoo when he was posting up, but the keeper, who just game on, made a
tremendous save.  Unfortunately, with
the sending off, one player had to go off, and that was the French man, Pires. 
A few substitutions by Rijkaard were wise.  Larson, always a class player,
who plays so simply, made two great passes
that led to both goals.  The other substitutes, Iniesta and Belletti (who scored), were obviously
valuable.  See the highlights:


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