Barcelona Grabs Late Goal

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Barcelona Grabs Late Goal

In a rain soaked Camp Nou, the Mexican forward Dos Santos dug out the ball in the corner after Iniesta’s shot was blocked, and the ball fell to Xavi, who smartly finished in an open net from the top of the box.

The group did a collective celebratory dive into a puddle in the corner of Camp Nou. With Real Madrid losing yesterday, it would have been a crushing tie, a chance missed to catch Real.  I plan on watching the Super Bowl, but this football just inspires so much more compared to the other, even when this Super Bowl is one that should be worth watching, commercials and all.

Rain pounded down on the pitch, Ronaldinho came on late for Messi, but it was the hard work of Dos Santos that saved Barca and made the La Liga race a race. 

Still, seems like Ronaldinho isn’t himself just yet.  The pressure to perform at the very top all the time has taken a toll.  Hopefully he’ll settle in and score a goal a two and be his old self again soon.

A superb late strike from midfielder Xavi earned Barcelona a nerve-racking 1-0 win at home to Osasuna on Sunday that allowed them to close to within six points of leaders Real Madrid at the top of the table.

The Catalans seemed to be running out of ideas as they struggled to break down the dogged Osasuna defence but two minutes from time Xavi popped up on the edge of the area and sent an unstoppable first-time shot flying into the net.

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