Highlights: Barcelona Versus Racing Santander

Highlights: Barcelona Versus Racing Santander

It’s almost not fair these days for teams playing against Barcelona. They should either play with one less player or force Xavi to play with some ankle weights around his feet so his team is slowed, as he’s the fulcrum. However, Iniesta is near a full return, so that wouldn’t help that much.

When all systems are firing, Messi, Ibra, Henry, Xavi, Alves, and on and on, Barcelona are nearly unstoppable and starting to embarrass teams in La Liga. Maybe they’ll have to start calling some games early.

It was all about Ibrahimovic though in this match, even with Messi’s classy goals, those are more expected, but for Ibra, he seems to have warm up to his new surroundings, and it’s scary how good Barcelona could be if he keeps it up.

Just look at the back heel pass he gives to Pique. It says it all. And it was shortly after Pique suffered a gash to the head after a Racing player scrapped his head with his cleats as they both slide for the ball.

This back heel goal comes at the 4:09 mark in the video below.