Barcelona Versus Almeria Highlights

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Barcelona Versus Almeria Highlights

Barcelona pulled out the draw against Almeria despite having Pep Guardiola tossed out of the game and losing Ibrahimovic to a red card when he used his elbow as a means to push away a defender. The defender made a meal of the play, but it did look like Ibrahimovic was trying to make a point and get in the face of the defender.

It was a bad day for Carlos Puyol, who was beat on the near post for the first goal and then gave up an own goal as he tried to slide and clear the ball away. The good news though was Messi is continued to score goals and now from dead ball situations. That used to be Barcelona’s Achilles heel. They didn’t have anyone who could score off free kicks once Ronaldinho left for AC Milan. Now, it looks like Messi can fill those shoes too.


Again, Barcelona dominated the possession time with a total of 71%, even with 10 men for most of the second half.

Since Barcelona dropped points in the game, Real Madrid went top of the La Liga table, as they came back to beat Sevilla at the Bernabeu.

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