Barcelona Versus Seattle Sounders

Barcelona Versus Seattle Sounders

A packed stadium watches Messi score two goals and the Barca side win 4-0. The Sounders showed well though, for an MLS side playing perhaps the best team in the world. What’s the total salary of the Sounders versus Barcelona? Thierry Henry must be making more money than the whole Seattle team.

The Seattle crowd is incredible. They chant and sing and stand the entire match. They seem sort of respectful though, no hooligans in this group, although if you mess with one of the Seattle players they turn on you pretty quickly.

The first half had some excitement, with the Sounders having numerous chances to score, Freddie Ljungberg, having a clear chance on one occassion. But it was Messi’s goals that killed the game for Barca. His perfect first touch on the first goal, set himself up to bend the ball into the corner with his left foot, no keeper, even Kasy Keller, would have a chance to save this one.

The second half was a bit stale and boring, with both teams making wholesale changes. It was more of a keep away exercise for Barcelona, as the Sounders didn’t see much of the ball in the last 45 minutes.


For Barcelona, as they go through their preseason trainings and games, I’m sure they are trying to figure out what they should do with Bojan Krkic. He was on fire for a period of time the last few years, brimming with confidence, but he has lost his edge it seems. Do they loan him out or keep him in the first team?

He did made a wonderful run behind the defense to nearly score off a perfect pass by Messi. Yet, it just seems, when he was in form, he would have scored – maybe dribbled around or chipped the keeper.

Bojan is quick and has a nose for goal, however, he was unable to turn those numerous chances into goals against the Sounders. He just seemed a bit off, or not as clever and savvy as Henry and Messi. Sure, those are two amazing players, but Barcelona have a pipeline of players coming through, and they all seem to have more talent, believe it or not, than Bojan.

Those players played in the second half for Barcelona, with Pedro and Jeffren Suarez both scoring. The two also looked good against the Galaxy. And then there’s Jonathan Dos Santos, the younger brother of Giovani Dos Santos, who looks to have the ability to create and score goals, too.

Bojan had a rough patch at the Camp Nou for a period of time, where demands are high. He missed some chances and started to lose the ball too easily. The crowd doesn’t give players too many chances to redeem themselves.

Hopefully Bojan will find his way again and not end up farmed out or sold like Giovani Dos Santos. Who, like Bojan, was on a tear for a while and compared to Ronaldinho but then was let go.