Cameras Surround David Beckham on the Bench

Really, is this the most cameras that have ever been around a soccer player on the bench for his debut? I mean you can barely even see Beckham. If his hair was bleached blonde he’d be even harder to pick out…

Image credit goes to the LA Galaxy for the above photo of Beckham surrounded by cameras on the bench.

For his MLS debut with the LA Galaxy, David Beckham got a little bit of attention from the media. The soccer game hadn’t even started yet and cameras surround Beckham as he sits on the bench for the LA Galaxy.

I guess Beckham is used to all the attention but his LA Galaxy teammates sitting next to him look like they’re doing their best to hide as much as possible…putting their heads down. Takes some courage and confidence for Beckham to endure this kind of attention and then go out and perform on the soccer field. Don’t think he gets enough credit for playing under this intense pressure and glare – the spotlight is always on him. And yet he goes out on the pitch and whips in crosses and scores goals.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to live with cameras constantly in your face. I know Beckham is used to it but still. Reminds me a bit of Messi being surrounded on the soccer pitch by other players.

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