David Beckham Takes in a Lakers Game with Anthony Kiedis

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David Beckham watches the Lakers versus Suns game seated next to the Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis. Is Beckham still set to join England at the World Cup? I wonder if he’s waiting until the NBA finals are over and his Lakers have secured a repeat. Beckham is looking pretty chill sitting court side at the Laker game.

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Beckham of course won’t be playing in South Africa since he tore his Achilles tendon, but he’s supposed to be there as part of Capello’s coaching staff. For Beckham, he might be making the smart move and taking a rest from flying all around the world and getting healed up. The LA Galaxy I think will be happy if he stays put and takes in a few more Lakers games.

David Beckham Takes in a Lakers Game with Anthony Kiedis.

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