David Beckham’s Free Kick Slip in China

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The Beckham free kick slip.

David Beckham's Free Kick Slip in China

David Beckham has become a global ambassador for Chinese football to help the image of the country’s game. In other words, China hopes Beckham will get more kids to play soccer when they see him kicking the ball around in China.

David Beckham’s visit to China, where he is serving as an ambassador for soccer (football), took a bit of stumble when the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy, and now PSG midfielder tried to take a free-kick at a PR event.

The 37-year-old has scored some famous goals from dead ball situations, but this time fell flat on his backside after trying to showcase a little bit of his free kick taking talent. It was slip like Beckham rather than bend it like Beckham.

Beckham can blame it on his dress shoes though….I’m sure if he was wearing his adidas soccer cleats he wouldn’t have slipped. Maybe adidas will turn the slip into some kind of ad campaign. Watch the Beckham free kick slip in the video below.

Heck, maybe this Beckham slip was all planned out by Beckham’s public relations team. After all, his trip to China is getting more press since he slipped while attempting a free kick. Could be…..right. But at least Beckham didn’t get injured while attempting this free kick in Chine in a suit and with dress shoes on his feet!

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