Benzema Back Control

Do you use your back in soccer? All the soccer legends do it. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Ronaldinho. And that’s use their backs to control the soccer ball. Here, Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema uses his back to control the ball and then score. Just a genius awareness and use of his back to set himself up and throw off the defenders.

It’s a longish ball into Benzema who turns to receive the ball and all he could really do is use his back to settle the ball!

Watch Benzema use his back to control the ball and set himself up to score is 200th La Liga goal for Real Madrid.

More on Benzema back control from ESPN.

None of which would have been particularly unusual except that Benzema had controlled that falling ball with his back. There is a neat photo of the moment he caught it, arms out, the ball hovering just above his left shoulder, eyes wide as if guiding it down with a glance, subjecting it to his will like some Jedi Master. It looks like a magic trick. Which maybe it is.

Additionally, it’s been said about Benzema that he’s now free to play how he wants all the time what with Cristiano leaving Real Madrid to play for Juventus and now back at Manchester United. It’s Benzema’s team. What’s more, Benzema might just get the attention and praise he deserves during the next World Cup for France, since he’s back in the team. Real Madrid are lucky to still have Benzema.

Plus, he could have left the club when Ronaldo was there and taking such a big role in the club. It’s Benzema’s time now. And he’s taking advantage of it even using his back to help him score goals.