Cristiano Ronaldo Passes with His Back

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Cristiano Back Pass
Cristiano Ronaldo passes with his back. If all the great soccer players in the world have done it, why can’t I. That’s what Cristiano Ronaldo must have been thinking when he makes this pass with his back. You see, top soccer players that Cristiano Ronaldo must look up to, like Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic, have all passed the soccer ball with their backs, so he has to match their skill and tricks and try to pull it off. Which Cristiano of course does here.

Take a look at the video of Cristiano using his back to make a pass to himself and beat the defender. The self pass with his back when he played for Real Madrid.

And here’s Cristiano making a pass with his back versus rivals Barcelona:

Of course Roma legend Totti can pass with his back too:

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